Friday, July 22, 2011

Beat the Heat and Don't Take a Counter-Offer

If you live in in the Northeast and haven't yet been outside today, I'm going to preempt the weatherman and tell you it's REALLY hot. Like "wow" hot. And the stock market isn't even open yet. That's how you know it's going to be a hot day. If you are at work today, try some things to stay away from going outside such as getting a group of co-workers together and ordering food delivered or maybe waiting until the end of the day to run all your outdoor errands if they can wait. You need to find ways to beat this heat.

Today's article is a really interesting one from Forbes which says that if you receive a counter-offer from a company you're about to leave, turn it down. Of course, not every counter-offer is a bad one (although the author seems to have a lot of bad experiences with them), but the premise is correct: don't try to overreach in your job and if you already planned to leave a company, it's probably a sign that you should continue to do so. Playing one company against another can really harm your reputation and even get you blacklisted from some hiring firms. Not worth the trouble. Instead, the author suggestions, have a conversation with your boss and express your frustrations--before you accept another offer. As he says:

"Down the road, such a conversation will be far more valuable if you choose not to force your boss into a buyback offer. You will retain your reputation for honesty, and, in my experience, this will serves you far better than a single raise or promotion ever could."

That's some good advice on a very, very hot day here in New York

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