Thursday, July 07, 2011

Summer Perks in NYC: Central Park SummerStage

If Bryant Park movie nights aren't your thing, maybe you want to head uptown to a much bigger and more famous park for some free concerts they have during the summer at the Central Park SummerStage: has a great description of what goes on at the SummerStage including talking about 30 of the free events that will go on during the summer of 2011. The SummerStage website has a list of all the specific events and an outline of who will be performing and what type of music. Much like the Bryant Park movie nights, SummerStage is a great opportunity to get out for a night with your company and enjoy a free event together.

The key in picking a movie or a musical performance, though, is to make sure you have something that everyone can enjoy without anyone getting offended. Pick something light and fun and always make the event attendance optional. Encourage employees to bring their families or significant others and get to know your fellow-co-workers. And make sure that employees know they can leave a little early to get in line--as long as they get their work done on time.

Done right, free perks like these can make the summer months seem a lot less dull for your fellow co-workers.

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