Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Best of the Best Perks

My first job out of college had a stocked fridge of sodas and snacks. I thought this was the greatest perk in the world. I would chomp down on some chips and sip my soda and think that I had it pretty good. And then my friend started working at Google and told me about the massages he gets...and the free food...and all the other great perks and I realized that my free soda and chips, while awesome in their own right, were nowhere near what some other people were getting.

Mashable wrote on Monday about the best of the best perks from some of the top Social Media companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Check it out as it's amazing some of the perks that these companies offer. But I certainly agree with what the article says: "From yoga to catered lunches, 401(k)s to dry cleaning, sports teams to vacation days, these tech companies seem to understand that quality of life affects productivity — and that having to run fewer errands after work means you’re more likely to stay at the office."

And that's important to remember as you design perks for your company--or choose the company that you want to work at in the future: sometimes it's not about the monetary value of the perk, but rather quality of life, peace of mind, and time savings that go farther in making sure that employees stay happy, healthy, productive, and engaged.

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