Friday, October 28, 2011

Facebook For More Than Friends

Most people think of Facebook as the last place they would want a potential employer to go to check out their qualifications. They have embarrassing pictures of them partying, people posting about their kids, updates about all their Words With Friends games, and status messages about being excited for the weekend. It's been far from a job gold mine--more like a minefield. But as the Wall Street Journal writes, that's all changing and has some advice about how to take advantage of it, including this:
Don't ask someone to make an introduction for you on Facebook if you wouldn't ask them to do it in person, recruiting experts say. Before you approach a potential candidate, or someone who is friends with a potential candidate, be sure that you are close enough to the intermediary to ask for the introduction. Don't assume that Facebook behavior is different from regular social interactions, experts say.
Good advice from the WSJ, with some more throughout the article. Although Facebook seems like just a tool for connecting with friends, family, and casual acquaintances who may have friended you after you met that one time, it can now be used for much more, including posting and applying for jobs.

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