Monday, January 09, 2012

Going Abroad for Work

With the United States economy still in recovery and the job market still weak, many job seekers (whether they currently have jobs or not), find the prospects underwhelming and unfulfilling--at best. Sometimes there are no prospects to speak of and the search is just one, long frustrating march through resumes, cover letters, and interviews.

But, as the New York Times op-ed from yesterday described, sometimes it just takes thinking outside the box to find what you're looking for in your profession. And by "box", I mean "the US borders". While the United States and much of Europe is hurting for jobs, places like China needs people to come work. The author writes about how he decided to leave his dead-end job for an opportunity to work in a job that he felt would be more fulfilling.

He writes: "We live in grim times, but fortune favors the bold. So if you are reading this from some occupied encampment, a soul-crushing cubicle, your parents’ basement or anywhere else in America really, maybe you should consider paying me a visit."

After visiting New Zealand a few years back, loving the country, and finding out that they needed employees badly, I thought about leaving my unfulfilling, dead-end job for the beauty and intrigue of the land of the kiwis. In the end, though, it was too much of a sacrifice to make to leave my family, friends and life behind to pursue something of this magnitude. I had a student loan and a budding relationship, and although I think I could have convinced my fiancee (then girlfriend) to move with me, I'm not sure either one of us would have been happy with the impulsive decision now.

But the good part is to know there is that option. Life isn't about the borders of your town, state, or even country. Find what will fill your occupational needs and think outside the box to find it. But make sure you know exactly what you're getting into before you do so.

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