Saturday, October 27, 2012

Finding Happiness in Your Job

It's one thing to tell someone they'll be happy in their job but it's another to show on a scale where you're happiness will end up. Well the Wall Street Journal has just that with the least happy (Assisted Living Administrator) to the most happy (Aerospace Engineer) to everything in between (about where Clinical Research Coordinator sits). It breaks it down by field and title and gives an idea of what it'll take to be happy in your profession.

Also from the Wall Street Journal this week comes the top colleges that recruiters and employers liked best. The interesting note is that it differs so much depending which list you're looking at (like this one from BostInno. The key to picking a college is to make sure that they're someplace in one of these links. To get that job that will make you happy, you need a college degree that is marketable to employers. These are two lists to pull from to find that path to the right job.

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