Thursday, November 15, 2012

Guest Post: 3 Unlikely Degrees that Can Benefit a Human Resource Department

We have a series of great guest posts for the blog. The first comes from Samantha Gray who is a freelance writer/researcher for Her articles cover issues related to both online and traditional education, as well as student lifestyle, parenting and careers. Please send any questions or comments her way at Without further ado, here is what Samantha had to say about degrees that can benefit an HR department


Although a degree is not necessary to work in the human resources field, most employers still prefer to hire people with a bachelor’s degree. Often, these employers look for job seekers who have graduated with business or management degrees, but there are many other subjects that can prepare someone for a career in human resources. Because human resource managers handle a variety of tasks, a staff that is educated in a variety of subjects will produce the best results. What other degrees can benefit a human resource department? Check out the following three below. 


A degree in communications prepares graduates for careers in all sorts of industries and positions. The basic tenets of the subject require students to study several arts and science topics, including psychology, sociology, political science, economics and marketing. Each of these topics is taught in short form, as professors display how they each play a role in the news media, politics and business. In addition, students study the anthropological history of mass communication and learn various techniques for disseminating information, such as speech writing, writing for news and public relations, public speaking and marketing campaign planning. Although most graduates go on to work in public relations, journalism, political campaign consulting or marketing, the degree also teaches skills that are valuable for work in the human resources field. As a human resource administrator, it is necessary to know how to effectively communicate with the employees you are responsible for helping. Job seekers with communication degrees are educated on a wide range of social science theories and methods, which are valuable for handling an array of human resource-related issues and social conflicts.


Psychology is the study of human mental functions and behaviors. Although most psychology students are interested in becoming researchers or clinical psychologists, a degree in this subject provides an education that can be applied to several fields. Psychology is an ongoing scientific study that has a goal of understanding individual and social thought and behavior. Students are required to learn how to conduct clinical studies and how to provide counsel to those experiencing personal and relational conflicts. Although human resource administrators aren’t counselors, an understanding of psychology can certainly prepare them for dealing with the personal and relational problems that employees experience in the workplace and are required to report to the human resource department.


Sociology is a scientific subject that deals with the study of human social activity. The goal of sociology is to produce and prove theories that can be applied to political policy and social organization. Students study how culture, deviance, law, religion and social class or stratification affects the plight of human welfare. In addition to studying the subject’s theories, students also study anthropological history and how it relates to the various theories. Like psychology, a degree in sociology can provide human resource administrators with an education that helps them better understand social interaction and human behavior in groups. Again, this knowledge can benefit administrators when they have to work through employee conflict in the workplace.

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