Thursday, November 01, 2012

A Request for Help and Post-Hurricaine Wishes

We wanted to extend our wishes here at Astron Solutions to those effected by Hurricane Sandy. Our employees are mostly located in the New York Metro area and have seen the devastation from this storm to peoples homes, businesses, and, most sadly, with some people's lives as well. We hope that all your loved ones and those close to you are safe and sheltered and our thoughts go out to everyone during this tough time.

On another note, we have this from Jennifer: "I'm working on a column for the Work Style Magazine (from Europe) and need your help! With the US Presidential election just a week away, individuals around the world are watching what happens here in America. Individuals outside the US with an interest in Human Resources want to know what it is like to be employed by one of America's "super wealthy," an organization whose founder or leader supports Governor Mitt Romney in the election. How do the "super wealthy" act with their employees? What do they think about the people that work for them? What is the organizational culture like? I'm specifically looking to talk with people who work for any of these companies: Las Vegas Sands, PayPal, Univision, Citadel,, Public Storage, Marriott, New Balance, Penske Trucking, Limited Group (retail stores), and Charles Schwab. Thanks in advance for any referrals you can provide over the next couple of days!"

If you can help, please e-mail here at and let her know. Thanks!

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