Friday, September 19, 2014

Readers Write

“Rewards and Recognition: Are You Doing Enough to Acknowledge Employees’ Hard Work?”, our September 2nd Astronology article, generated quite a buzz!  Loyal reader Richard Virgilio of Intrepid HR Consulting shared his thoughts with us via e-mail:

I find the comment of how "one size fits all" is not likely true for a Total Rewards program to be absolutely not true in every case. Whenever someone, whether a vendor or an internal manager, offers a "one size fits all" solution, it is likely to be simplistic, shallow, and fraught with great credibility risk. If "one size fits all," why would there be any need for sizes? As business partners, HR professionals need to have a definite "early warning system" with many indicators and appropriate metrics. Early action when alarm bells sound for what should have been a "comprehensive" or "exhaustive" or "everybody wins" solution to an issue is vital to a thriving company and HR department.

Thanks for writing, Rich, and thank you for sharing your feedback!  Red flags should accompany “one size fits all” mentions in discussions.

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