Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bikini Billboard Costs Realtor her Job

Press-Telegram - News

Real Estate is a competitive market, especially in areas like Southern California. When Wendy Heath was looking to market her real estate skills, she decided to promote herself a little differently. The result is an attention-getting billboard featuring Wendy in a bikini with her English Bulldog, Bruiser, who is asking the question, "Got Real Estate?" in a comic thought bubble above his furry head.

Wendy has so far received a flood of both positive and negative feedback from the ad. The most negative reaction came from her now former employer, First Team. "It is absolutely not something that First Team can be a party too," said former supervisor, Rich Rector. "It is totally unprofessional. Would you look at this billboard, and ask, 'Is this the person you would want to represent you in the biggest purchase of your life?"

Check out the full article and photo of the offending ad hereand see if you agree with Mr. Rector in his decision.

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