Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Will the Star Wars Premier Lure Your Employees to the "Dark Side?" - Information for HR and Benefit Directors and other Employee Benefit Plan Sponsors and Advisers

Star Wars fans are anxiously awaiting the premier of George Lucas' "Revenge of the Sith." In the story, "Revenge of the Sith might sap employee productivity," John Challenger reports that not even a jedi mind trick will keep your die-hard, Star Wars-obsessed employees from attending the opening.

According to predictions, employers can count on at least two business days filled with Star Wars-induced absenteeism, resulting in what could be a total of $626.8 million in lost productivity.

As a response, some employers are giving their employees time off to see the movie. Some are even turning the movie viewing into a work outing rather than lose them to the "dark side."

Will your workplace be affected? As Yoda would say, "Read the full story you must."

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