Monday, May 16, 2005

Tips for a Stress Free Vacation

TIP SHEET: Workplace -- How to prepare for a vacation

Feeling chained to your desk? Well, perhaps it's time to take those vacation days that you've accumulated. Don't take the need for time off for granted...both HR professionals and psychologists agree that it's important for mental health.

The Detroit Free Press Business News offers some helpful tips when planning a vacation that will keep you stress-free.

- Inform others that you'll be away. Don't just notify your boss and the human resources department. Tell your coworkers and call any important clients or contacts. That way, no one will be counting on you to complete a project or attend a meeting during that period.

- Appoint a contact person. Make sure no important messages get lost while you're away. Let outside contacts know whom they should call in an emergency. Change your voicemail to alert callers that you are away, and offer the name and numbers of someone to call for assistance.

- Prioritize work. Split your tasks for the time you'll be on vacation so that you aren't overworked before or after. If an important project must be completed before you leave, don't try to do it all on your last day. And avoid leaving everything for when you get back.

Check in periodically, if you must, but remember that balance is important to a healthy lifestyle. You deserve to have time for yourself.

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