Monday, June 06, 2005

Are PDAs causing a distraction?

More effective meetings will keep their attention

SHRM Online has reported that more and more employees are bringing their Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) to meetings in order to answer email, surf the web, etc. Although we all love modern technology, it's wise to leave the gadgets out of the conference room and focus on the subject at hand.

If PDA use is a distraction, the appropriate solution is for the facilitator to make it clear that electronic devices should be turned off and put away during the meeting. Notepads and pens can be provided for note-taking instead. Some organizations may choose to reinforce this message by instituting a policy that defines acceptable use of such devices at work. However, if disruptive behavior occurs during meetings, it’s possible the meetings themselves need improvement.
The article continues to offer a list of meeting guidelines. Check them out here.

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