Monday, June 06, 2005

Moms' Annual Salary Determined to be $131,471

How Much Would Moms Earn in Annual Salary: $131,471
Some would argue that they deserve to earn even more! recently took on the task of determining what a stay at home mom's salary would be if compensated in cash. consulted with a representative sampling of stay-at-home moms before finalizing a list of the top seven job titles that fit the average mom’s job description. Ranked in order from most time-consuming to least time-consuming, the list included the titles of daycare center teacher, van driver, housekeeper, cook, CEO, nurse and general maintenance worker.

Moms seem to be pleased with the results. As one stay-at-home mom commented, "While I may have given up my salary, benefits and 401(k) to accept the position of stay-at-home mom—a position I can’t put on my resume—the rewards of viewing life through my childrens’ eyes has been priceless,” says Wendy Schulze, a CPA and stay-at-home mother of two, from suburban Massachusetts. “Besides, after being a stay-at-home mom and honing skills like self-confidence, multi-tasking and attention to detail, I feel confident I could take on any other challenging, but rewarding, job in the future, if I wanted to.”

The interesting compensation breakdown can be viewed here.

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