Friday, June 10, 2005

Ocean's Eleven Tops List of Aspirational Work Teams

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How important is teamwork to your organization? Domino's Pizza recently commissioned a revealing workplace study which delved into the feelings of British workers on the subject. The answers revealed that not only does team structure impacts success, but that UK workers have a fondness for the A-Team too. Read on...

New research out today reveals that nearly half (40%) of Brits feel they work in teams that regularly fail to meet basic targets . 41% of these blame bad performance on poor team structures, leading to feelings of dissatisfaction and unfulfillment at work.

The workplace study highlights the problem of people being made to carry out roles to which they are unsuited. One third (32%) of those surveyed say they have experienced colleagues failing in their job and employees who lack the basic skills to get the work done.

The research, commissioned by Domino's Pizza which employs nearly 9,000 people in 370 teams across the UK and Ireland, identifies what makes the perfect workplace team and reveals that 60% of Brits find famous teams from films, TV or books, aspirational role models. The most admired team is George Clooney's loveable rogues from Ocean's Eleven, followed by Hannibal Smith's renegade soldiers in The A-Team with Charlie's Angels in third place.

To find out who their fictional choices for strategic work team positions would be, click here.

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