Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Astronology Updates

On this Astronology Tuesday (if you're not signed up already for the weekly updates, check out the link on the right to do so), we'll update you here on the blog about what we wrote 2 weeks ago in Astronology...

According to DowJones and CNN, 300 CBS News writers have been authorized to strike against the network joining their brethren of the Writers Guild of America: click here

The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette reports that SNL and 30 Rock aired on Saturday...but it was a private airing (while reruns ran on TV) to benefit the Writers currently on strike: click here

The New York Times says that the economic cost of the Broadway strike is estimated at $2 million per day: click here

This is going to become especially pressing as families come to visit for the holidays...

Lastly, the Express and Star says that the taxi strike fever has spread........to the UK: click here

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