Tuesday, November 27, 2007

You're Fired...Wait...You're Hired

Michael Scott: I think the main difference between me and Donald Trump is that I get no pleasure out of saying the words "you're fired." "You're fired." Oh, "you're fired." He just makes people sad. And an office can't function that way. No way. "You're fired." I think if I had a catchphrase it would be "you're hired, and you can work here as long as you want." But that's unrealistic, so.

This quote is from NBC's The Office and seems to be ridiculous until you look at the hiring/firing practices of some firms recently. It seems like too often people get hired/fired willy-nilly in a company based on two factors:

We're doing well....HIRE!
We're doing poorly...FIRE!
We're doing well again...REHIRE!

Well that's how Circuit City is running things according to BloggingStocks as they are asking workers who they had previously fired if they want their jobs back: click here

As the blog correctly points out, it seems sort of crappy to fire someone and then hire them back at the busiest shopping time of the year as a temporary employee. What's even crappier (and not mentioned in the article) is that Circuit City decided to fire many of these employees because they were senior people making more money...now how about going back and working for the people who were working under you before...

Now THAT sounds like a great offer.............NOT (Borat style)

Jim Stroud points out in his blog that a similar thing happened to 7000 employees in China who were told to resign and then reapply for their jobs: click here

On other news, the Boston Globe/Monster.com Hiring Hub HR Blog, talks about opening up on the subject of pay (which, from what we have just written, will probably get you fired and then rehired): click here

On that same theme, we have a blog entry from Gabriel on the wide gap between theory and practice in Human Resources Management: click here

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