Wednesday, January 23, 2008

HR going Green

Catching you up on this Wednesday starts with the 2008 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Green Workplace report...

First, from Environmental Leader, word that the study shows that half of workplaces surveyed have a formal or informal environmental responsibility policy...but 43 percent do not and have no plans of implementing one in the next 12 months: click here

From the Washington Post, on the same report, says that environmentally friendly practices make for a happier workplace: click here

From HR.BLR, word the The Society for Human Resources Management is launching a campaigning to show the importance of HR: click here

Lastly, going back to the Washington Post, a study finds that most diversity training is ineffective: click here


  1. I just started a recycling program at my office and am receiving resistance from some employees. Any pointers?


  2. Maybe sending out a memo or email about the benefits and rewards about recycling. Its not that hard and doesnt take any longer then throughing it in a garbage can.

  3. I'm facing a different issue. We have both hardware and software in place, to move to a paperless filing. There is extreme resistance. Personnel files lost and unable to comply with auditors and still resistance.

    Any suggestions?


  4. Hi Jackie,

    Where is the resistance coming from - line managers, HR, or both? And why are they resisting? It's important to know the concrete reasons why there is pushback, rather than the "that's not the way we do it here" type of response, so that you can address them effectively.

    It sounds like it's going to take a while to win everyone over to the new system. Repeated, clear communications as to why this change needs to happen - e.g., penalties and fines the organization had to pay as a result of the audit non-compliance - should build your case and employees' trust in the new system. Additionally, celebrating the successes that result from using the software - e.g., work completed faster, fines avoided, etc. - should also win over some employees.


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