Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Office Super Bowl

We start out here on this Wednesday night with an article from HR Daily Advisor with a question if Super Bowl pools are illegal gambling or teambuilding (or both): click here

What is your office doing about the big game? Are people passing around "squares" in your office. Ironically, these squares are going around at the same time as Girl Scout Cookies and many employees feel pressure to get involved in both. This is definitely something to monitor in your a degree...

Also from HR Daily Advisor, an article following up on what not to do during EEO investigations...with 4 tips of what to do during investigations: click here

Next, from SecurityProNews, an article about how HR could be endangering the opening up applications/resumes in e-mails: click here

CNNMoney and CareerBuilder are last with an article about the salaries HR Professionals are you can measure yourself up against the competition: click here


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