Monday, January 14, 2008

Still Have the Dream

Despite the fact that a Black man is a leading candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination, racial harassment is a still an issue in workplaces according to MSNBC: click here.

As Clinton/Obama campaign starts to turn this battle into a race/gender issue, they may be alienating more constituents and potential voters than they think. With gender and race issues in the workplaces still a great cause of concern for many people, one can imagine some distaste for two candidates to battle each other on those grounds for the White House. The Democrats have done well in recent years building a base of minority and women voters but one wonders if some irreparable harm will be done to the candidates after the latest banter...but I digress...

In other news, also from MSNBC, a look at which businesses hold up well during a recession among other recession questions in this Q&A: click here

Lastly, a blog suggesting that you should hire people that are better than you are: click here

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  1. Bah, humbug. Bad way to start the New Year, but I don't agree with any of this. Approach is entirely too academic, with not a hint of pragmatism woven in.


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