Wednesday, August 06, 2008

You want to quit? Well, here’s $1,000 bonus.

So, here I am. My very first blog post! I hope it goes well. Drumroll please...

Internet retail giant Zappos has an amazing policy called “The Offer.” This policy is basically a tool the company uses to weed out any potential employees who aren’t 100% committed to the company. Zappos has extensive training courses for all employees that runs four weeks long. After the first week is when “The Offer” is, well, offered. An employee is given two options:

1) Stay

2) Get paid for their first week here (these trainees receive full salaries) PLUS $1,000 bonus to quit.

Yes, you get bought out to QUIT. This is definitely a unique tool to use, but also a very effective one. The company has grown exponentially the past five years, and shows no signs of stopping. This kind of growth must be, at least in some part, related to the company retaining only the best of the best (and the most loyal of the best). You can check out a full article about Zappos’ organizational culture here.

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