Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Twitter and Other Articles From Around Our Blog World

Just wanted to update you on a few articles we've missed from our blog world
-The New Learning Playbook (a Workforce Management blog) asks: Do you dream in 140 characters? Well most Twitter users such as myself and Astron Solutions do now. Twitter has become the new social network and has become a big part of many companies. I recently started a blog and have had many opportunities to promote my product on Twitter and talk with like-minded people. It's quick and easy and no frills which is sort of nice for the technologically challenged.
-Workplace Attitudes has five tips for dealing with uncomfortable office talk
-Benefits Buzz asks if fast food nation is conspiring to put you out of business?
-And that leads into our last article, from HR Web Café which says that a worker's comp study says that the costs of obese workers is at least three times higher. Another reason companies should try to encourage healthy living whatever way they can (better food options in the cafeteria, gym reimbursement, health assessments, etc.)

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