Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What I'm Hearing...Dinner for Breakfast

This weekend I was reading Woman's World magazine. If you're not familiar with the publication, it's a weekly, easy read filled with health tips, budget advice, recipes, and reader stories. Without fail, the main focus of every issue is the latest diet craze.

This week's issue features a diet that - long story short - focuses heavy on protein, but also includes carbs, sugar, and fat. The trick to this diet is that while you're cutting calories, you're basically eating dinner for breakfast and a small breakfast-like meal for dinner.

I read this diet on Saturday, and I'm still fascinated by it. Why? For one thing, a diet that allows me to eat cookies and candy at breakfast rocks. On the other hand, though, I can't even fathom eating 3 ounces of meat and two ounces of cheese at 5 AM. Sometimes I can hardly choke down cereal at that time of the morning, let alone a meal with substance.

The diet also fascinates me because it defies the norms. Taking this diet and applying it to the broader world, how many things do we do because that's how we're told we should do them? What would happen if we ate dinner for breakfast at work, or did something the opposite of how it should be? Would we metaphorically choke, or would good, unexpected things happen? In today's economy, the tried and true are no longer tried and true. Now is the time to shake things up, to look at the world differently, in order to generate success in the short- and long-terms.

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