Friday, March 13, 2009

What I'm Hearing...The Color Red

I'm a fan of the J. Peterman Company. Remember them from Seinfeld? The urban sombrero? The Entenmann's shim-sham? In case you didn't know, they're actually a company. They used to have a store here in New York at Grand Central Terminal, but have since closed their retail outlets and focus strictly on catalog sales, or "Owner's Manuals" as they're called.

Their latest Owner's Manual promotion highlights the benefits of the color red. Specifically, "eminent researchers have proved that the color red speeds up the pulse and respiration, raises body temperature, and increases muscular strength 13.5%...making a person feel more alive."

Peterman's latest catalog is the second time this week I've heard comments about red. Earlier this week at school, I was wearing a red top, pink scarf, and red jacket. The combination sparked a conversation with one of the other employees, who noted that red is very striking and a "powerful color."

In today's world, we could all benefit from feeling a bit "more alive." With spring also arriving soon, it's time to break out of the darkness of winter and the drab colors and brighten things up. Over the next week, add a touch of red to your outfit. You might just start a conversation with a colleague, and feel more energized in the process.

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