Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama on Same-Sex Benefits

Ben Smith of Politico goes into the White House's distribution today of press guidance to its personnel office about same-sex benefits. Smith points out that they only seem to cover long-term care insurance and sick leave to which he says "That's pretty far short of the health care and retirement benefits common at major American corporations."
But, he says "The White House will also 'request the heads of all other executive branch departments and agencies to conduct internal reviews to determine whether other benefits they administer might be similarly extended,' according to the fact sheet."
And it seems that President Obama will use tonight's presidential memorandum to "reassert his broader support for gay rights, repeating his support for repealing the Defense of Marriage Act and pushing Congress to back legislation offering more substantial benefits, like health care, to same-sex partners"
In other HR news:
-The New York Times started a new blog about small business and entrepreneurship which sounds like a wonderful new source of good information including one post already on how the stimulus package discourages hiring.
-And Jim Stroud from The Recruiters Lounge has some funny advice on how to figure out if your co-worker has turned into a co-stalker

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