Saturday, June 13, 2009

View From the Seats

Todays view from the seats (today, actually standing room) comes from Citizen Bank Park in Philadelphia where the game is currently delayed by rain.

The Phillies had about as bad a top of the first you can have at home. Bastardo was all over the place and walked way too many. Jason Bay hit a bomb of a homerun. The Phillies had 3 errors, including a two base error by Ryan Howard that should have looked like this in the boxscore: E-3, laziness. Seriously. Made Luis Castillo look like a good fielder (just kidding). And then instead of walking Lugo to get to Dice-K, Bastardo finally throws a strike and Lugo hits what should have been a single to center...which of course Shane Victorino let go past him leading to the bases being cleared.

So the Red Sox have 5 runs on 3 hits and 3 Philly errors. Although I won't be back, I wouldn't mind them raining out this game. It's nasty here and I can't stand to see the BoSox win anymore. Will update later if there's anything worth updating from The City of Brotherly Love.

UPDATE: realize I sent this to the wrong place...but hope you enjoyed my baseball update :)

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