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Astronology - The Rising Cost of Healthcare..Can Small Business Keep Up?

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January 26, 2009

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The Astron Road Show


It's 2010 and the Astron Road Show is back in full swing!

On January 27th, National Director Jennifer Loftus will present to the New York City Chapter of ABWA on "Human Resources...Not Your Organization's Police Officer Anymore!" When you think Human Resources, do you think strategic business partner? Or, does your mind flash to Toby from NBC's "The Office"? Today's HR function has evolved. Whether you are in the interviewing seat or on the other side of the table doing the hiring, you need to understand the new approaches to HR. With these insights, you'll position yourself more strongly against your competition. Following Jennifer's presentation, several recruiters will share insights from the staffing world. Admission is free. If you'd like to attend, please RSVP at
www.abwanyc.org under the events tab. The meeting's location is MetLife's Offices at 260 Madison Avenue (between 38th & 39th streets), 11th floor conference room. Registration begins at 5:45pm. We hope to see you there!


Fact or Fiction

Last Thursday (1/21/10) was Squirrel Appreciation Day.


Who knew there was a holiday dedicated to
squirrels? Astron's blogmaster, Andrew Katz, recently blogged on the topic, along with using the "Common App" in the workplace. If you haven't visited Astron's blog lately, you can visit Welcome to the World of HR and subscribe to our feeds at http://astronsolutionsworldofhr.blogspot.com.


The Rising Cost of Healthcare...Can Small Business Keep Up?

dollar increaseThree words. Health Care Reform. Combined, they have become a hot topic in recent months. Although the thought of any reform on America's health care will affect all Americans, a special group of interest is small business. As Capitol Hill struggles to create a bill that will satisfy all, small businesses face a critical turning point in regards to keeping up with healthcare changes....more


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