Friday, January 22, 2010

Jobs You Want and Jobs To Stay Away From

That's the theme of our Friday links as we get you ready for the weekend on the day a decade-old age discrimination suit was settled by the TV networks and studios according to The Wrap

Fortune and CNNMoney have the 100 best companies to work for--which may be an even more important list than the Fortune 500. has their list of the best 50 places to work for (I wonder how many of those overlap...?)

Media Bistro (the website where I actually found this job and why I'm blogging to you right now) has a list of the most desired media jobs of 2009

Complain about your job? FoundValue Blog has 10 jobs they promise are worse than yours (though I know a LOT of people who would want #10).

The Springfield News-Leader has 10 steps to workplace happiness from some great professionals in the field.

Have a great weekend!

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