Friday, September 08, 2006

Best of Both Worlds

We go domestic and abroad on this Friday morning for some great HR articles.

From China, Mercer has just published a study which says that companies in China are having employee retention problems, definitely an issue since many companies are highly divested in China, and those that were thinking of doing so are now looking elsewhere as the prices begin to even out. It brings up an interesting HR to make HR programs cross-culturally valid: click here

Forced with low recruitment numbers, the army has gone to private pitches to get recruits. Some think no HR pitch will help the army (as long as signing up probably means going to Iraq, the recruitment numbers will be pretty low), but maybe a change in approach will help the army in its recruitment efforts: click here

Lastly, clearing out an old article (which is still quite relevent), we blog about a blog on Ken Lay's death in which takes a closer look on ethics. This is such an important issue for HR and the companies leadership to continue to tackle because the problem hasn't totally gone away: click here

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