Monday, September 18, 2006

Doubling Up

We apologize for missing you this past Friday...but we're making up for it with 5 articles on this Monday morning.

First, from the New York Times, an interesting article about a website in New York City that feeds workers tied to their desk all day: click here

Next, the Portland Business Journal reports that a recent survey shows that it pays most for you to work in San Francisco...the real San Francisco treat! click here

An interesting article from a very odd source about Human Resource Management and the law and how they interact on a daily basis, especially in today's world: click here

Next from the Washington Post, an article about the firms vying to be the in charge of the US border security. Although this comes with a lot of political charge, it also comes with a lot of human resources issues as one company wants to patrol with drones, while another wants humans on the interesting dilemma to play out: click here

And lastly, going back to the NYT, and continuing with a blog theme over the past couple of months, an article that say that some bosses see the virtues of a long you feel the same in your company? click here

Hope that catches you up on the HR news of the weekend!

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