Thursday, October 12, 2006

Creativity and Psychology

On this Thursday we delve a little into the brain for some great articles.

First from the Boston Globe, an article about an agency that's showing its creative side and how they encouraged people to do so: click here

Next from the New York Times, an interesting article about creative ways that business travelers get past the "no liquid" security requirements and how lip balm has become a medaphor for fear in the post 9/11 world: click here

And lastly, from the New York Times, an executive spotlight of a woman who had a passion for psychology and took that to the top of her industry: click here

One last thing before the end of the post today. A plane crashing into a building in New York City is always a chilling reminder of 9/11 but for a lot of people in the baseball community, this one stung even more due to the passing of Cory Lidle. His time with the New York Yankees was short, but Lidle will always be remembered as a guy with not great stuff who went out there every time and competed and never wanted to give up the ball. It's another sad day for New York.

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