Thursday, October 05, 2006

We're Going Big

"Go Big or Go Home" is a saying we like...we're going to do both on this Thursday...

Double dose of HR articles for you and then we're taking it home for the weekend....

First comes from the Boston Globe from the summer and says that training teaches hate training, something to think about when structuring training programs for employees: click here

Next from the Washington Post, an article about a problem with D.C. officers who work only part time but collect full-time pay: click here

Then from the New York Times, an article about adding a personal touch to hotel etiquitte and how that passes on added value to the consumer: click here

Penultimately, from Management-Issues News out of London, a follow up on a theme we've explored on this blog: telecommuting hitting the corporate mainstream: click here

And, lastly, from the Boston Globe once again, salary trends for 2006: click here

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