Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not The Way To Start A New Job

One of the only good parts about working in cubicles is that sometimes you overhear conversations that make you laugh (and sometimes the conversations are on speakerphone). Today's could be labeled "How To Lose a Job in 10 Days" or "The Worst First Impression", but I think that I'll just let the story speak for itself. Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. "Gerry" is the name of the guy who works here currently. "Alvin" is the name of the employee who is joining our team as part of his rotational program. Here is what transpired:
[phone ringing]
Alvin: umm...hello?
Gerry: Alvin, it's Gerry.
Alvin: who?
Gerry: Gerry! Are you still sleeping?!
Alvin: Yeah, why? What time is it?
Gerry: It's 9:20. Your hiring manager just messaged me to ask where you are
Alvin: I'm in New York City, I don't start for another day
Gerry: Oh, ok...phew...he told me you started on Wednesday
Alvin: I do
Gerry: Today's Wednesday!
Alvin:'s Tuesday
Gerry:'s Wednesday
Alvin: Oh [muffled expletives]
Gerry: Well I'll tell him you'll be right in
Alvin: Dude, I'm in New York City...I don't think I can get there before 10:30
Gerry: Wwwell what do you want me to do?
Alvin: Just tell him that I'm running late, stuck in traffic...gotta go get ready [click]
Wow...nice way to make a first impression...

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