Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Links

Thursday comes so quickly in short nice! And we have a ton of links for you nice!
First, from MSN and, tales of when older workers have younger bosses (H/T Wendy): click here
From the New York Times, how to friend the boss on Facebook (as well as mom and dad)...safely (H/T Sarah): click here
Also from the New York Times, this time from the Freakonomics blog, talks about the possible exodus of human capital from the financial industry with the $500,000 bonus cap (click here). My feeling is they won't go anyplace. The can't go to hedge funds since they're going under. The won't go to work for the public sector because their pay is capped. They won't go work for startups because of the uncertainty. Maybe they'll move to private equity...but even that's debatable.
Anderson Cooper's Twitter sent me to the AC360 blog which brought me to this article warning Baby Boomers to get working or go bust: click here
Cheezhead has a survey from CareerBuilder that says that 40% of employers are going to trim benefits and perks in 2009: click here
This story about the Twitter HR manager (click here) is certainly a horror story for a Human Resources professional and it continues to reverberate throughout the industry. The Hr Capitali$t picks up on it and has a few comments (including revelations that this HR manager has a few bikini shots on the web as well...oops): click here
Lastly, Fistful of Talent say that the job of Resume Writer is up in this down economy and people who pay for the expensive service may not get exactly what they wanted...: click here

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