Friday, February 13, 2009

Office Romance and Other Friday Links

-A recent U.S. survey says that romance blooms at the office (H/T Sarah): click here
-6 tricks for a recession-proof resume from and MSN: click here
-Sometimes interview/application questions can get a little too ridiculous: click here
-The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) says to expect hiring to hit "deep freeze" in February with mass layoffs and cost-cutting continuing for U.S. payrolls in this economic crisis: click here
-Another SHRM survey is quoted in this Washington Business Journal article saying that hiring is down in manufacturing and services, a group that together employs more than 90% of the nation's private sector workers: click here
-HR Daily Advisors says that overtime rules are resented by high-earning employees: click here
-ABC in Los Angeles has some tips for job searching after layoff and beyond: click here
-Good to hear: human resources training is still a priority: click here
-Good news for HR services from Thomason Financial News via Forbes: Citigroup thinks that you will continue to be solid despite the economic downturn: click here
-Lastly, the Charlotte Business Journal says that HR outsourcing has gained favor in this down market: click here
Have a great weekend!

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