Friday, February 06, 2009

Some Good Friday WSJ Articles

Wanted to post some good article from the Wall Street Journal to take you into your weekend
First from the Journal, word about the job loss numbers surpassing 3 million...quite a recession: click here
With all that job loss, this article says that states' jobless funds are running so low that seven states are already borrowing from Washington to pay unemployment benefits (can't we change that name too...sounds oxymoronic): click here
On the dress code at work topic, we have a WSJ article on a place that still goes with "old-school power attire": click here
Next, a question that could make a monkey out of you in job interviews "What is your greatest weakness?": click here 
Guess who's hiring again (and one of the hot firms to work for)? Give up? Lehman! Want to know why? click here
And from the Journal, word that women aren't waiting to delve into childbirth as long as they had in the past: click here
On that subject, we go to one New York Times article which says that as layoffs surge, women may pass men in the workforce: click here
Have a great weekend!

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