Monday, April 06, 2009

Facebook, Twitter and Your Job

It's Opening Day for Major League Baseball! Spring is officially here! No case of the Mondays today!
-Starting us off on this rainy Monday morning is a study that says surfing the internet to sites like Twitter and Facebook during work actually increases productivity. Beat that, internet filter!
-Next HR Web Cafe warns employees to watch what they Tweet after a job applicant got a little too honest about their feelings on the position they had just been offered...oops
-College Recruiter says that recessions can be great times to start your own business
-The Recruiters Lounge gives you a list of the first seven things to do when you get laid off
-HR World says to get walking for National Workplace Wellness Week (I did a race yesterday, so I feel like I'm doing my part)
-Lastly, Fistful of Talent brings up those resumes with pictures--not the greatest idea out there.

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