Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Promotions On Hold And Other News From Around the US

-The Akron Beacon Journal reports that while we have pay freezes, benefits freezes and 401(k) freezes, not we're having promotion freezes as well. The report referenced comes from the Hay Group which says that 10% have frozen promotions and another 12% are considering it. My company is in the former category.
-Compensation Force takes a global look at rewards in the downturn (using a Hay study as well)
-The Star Press has a column that tells you how the resume has evolved greatly.
-The Journal of New England Technology has advice on how to retain employees
-And from the baseball world, sometimes the key is not just rewarding your employees or your customers, but those who support you the most. This is a sad story from the New York Post about what happens when you don't. Hopefully they fix this because the sound of Freddy's pan is one of the things I love about Yankee Stadium and he deserves to be there.

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