Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Getting Fired While Having A Baby

-The New York Times gives a pop quiz which reveals that neither laying off a pregnant woman nor laying off a woman on maternity leave actually violates federal employment law (H/T Wendy). Something seems really wrong there.
-Florida's unemployment rate reached 9.4% in February which is higher than the national rate, according to the South Florida Business Journal. This seems to be mostly due to the loss in construction jobs.
-From the Freakonomics blog of the New York Times, a question if your company's health insurance plan will cover internet addiction? And, on that note, a questions should arise whether an employee who spends too much time surfing the internet can claim that as an addiction as well?
-This is sort of sad, but while most banks have banned executive travel to save on cost, the Financial Times is reporting that Swiss banks have banned executive travel because they are worried the executives will be detained.
-Lastly, Google's latest development and the Guardian is switching to Twitter! (and Happy April 1st!)
Sorry about the lack of updates. Just finished moving apartments and it's like managing a group of people: you have to coordinate everyone and get them to work on the same schedule. Not easy. You need to coordinate with the old building's super, the new buildings super, the doormen, the moving company, construction companies, electrical, cable, mail forwarding, management companies, etc. When it all finally comes together and you're finally moved, it's a huge sigh of relief.  

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