Thursday, April 09, 2009

HR Going Twitter Crazy

-We'll start us off with an article from Workforce Management that says that the HR World is not immune from the Twitter Craze. Some examples they list are:

• The Internet buzz that was created when a person landed a job at Cisco, said on Twitter that she’d hate the work and was called out on her remarks by another Twitterer.

• The fact that the Society for Human Resource Management used Twitter to announce that Jack Welch would speak at its annual conference in New Orleans in late June.

• The way discussions have broken out about using Twitter as a tool for both training and benefits communication.

There are a few more uses, including benefits communications, marketing, customer service and employee training. But Workforce Management warns that many business people are flocking to Twitter without much thought about its true benefits and risks. That is an important factor to think about before you send your first Tweet.

Other HR/Twitterish/social-networkish news from around the blogosphere:

-Fistful of Talent says in their Field-of-Dream-y way "build it and they will come" in response to Twitterjobsearch

-Cheezhead looks at another social network which claims to help job seekers rise above the crowd

-And the New Learning Playbook says that not only could learning be done through iTunes U, but YouTube as well (which, hopefully, will lead to them unblocking sites like that at my office)

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