Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ten for Tuesday

10 links for your Tuesday (much better than previously used "two for Tuesday"):
1. Workforce Management's "The Business of Management" has a post about the ultimate recruiting faux pas: hiring while the business is shutting down. Really quite ridiculous stuff from Conde Nast which is shutting down Portfolio.
2. Workforce Management's "Compensation Force" gives a salute to equal pay day.
3. Workforce Management's "The HR Capitalist" gives you three clowns to run your HR department (your sort of have to read it to understand)
3. Lastly from Workforce Management: Fistful of Talent sees purple squirrels everywhere (you definitely have to read it to understand)
4. HR World asks if it's OK to have babies at work?
5. WorldAtWork's "Public Policy Perceptions" talks about a diverse panel of experts and their multiple solutions on healthcare reform.
6. WorldAtWork's "The Business of Benefits" asks "[it's 10 PM do] you know where your employees are?" (10 PM part added for effect)
7. Human Resources Magazine gets into the rhyming game saying "let's regress the stress mess"
8. The Recruiters Lounge explains why you should invest in training during an economic downturn
9. The New Learning Playbook asks if laptops will be replaced in the workplace by smartphones?
10. And, lastly, the HR Web Cafe has some other great links for you to check out (including a twitterable Twitter policy)

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