Monday, April 13, 2009

Fat Camp, Flair, and Career #2

Some good links for your Monday on those topics and many more. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter and is having a Happy Passover.
-Benefits Buzz starts us out by suggesting sending employees to fat camp and says why that and other weight loss competitions among employees is a really bad idea
-How many pieces of flair are you wearing? That Office Space reference was the first that came to mind when Fistful of Talent asked where does all the corporate logo wear go to die?
-Business Week Online (via Yahoo! News/Yahoo! Finance) has an article about saving up for career number 2 (H/T Wendy)
-Bully boss or victim? This is an interesting Australian research study on HR Web Cafe from the other side of the spectrum: the accused
-Lastly, the Recuiters Lounge has 10 no-cost ways to recognize employees. And a big H/T goes to Jim Stroud who does great work on his blog and on Twitter (where he shows he's big 24 fan like me!)

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