Friday, January 30, 2009


Here's two great articles to start your weekend:
1) The Wall Street Journal says to cut pay, not people (click here). I think this is where some companies are going. They tell employees either to take an unpaid week off or take a 5% cut to save people from being laid off. Many people are all too happy to have a job even at 5% less than no job at all. The problem here lies in getting everyone to buy in to this. Some people who work hard may be upset with taking a paycut when freeriders get to keep their job with just smaller salary. Also, paycuts do nothing for employee morale or streamlining productivity. But there's one reason why many companies should think about pay cuts over employee cuts: "While...job cuts resulted in modest short-term gains in company financial performance, they also resulted in larger long-term financial-performance losses because companies did not have the necessary talent to respond to economic recovery."
2) From, MSN and (who has a great ad for the Super Bowl up on my personal blog here) which has five ways to turn off employers. The best has to be #5 which is "Keep Communicating Until They Get a Restraining Order". I had an interview a few months back where the candidate kept on calling and e-mailing wondering when they would get hired. We were still in the middle of interviewing candidates, but we kept on hearing from this one person. All the while, they had out personal ads all over LinkedIn and other social networking websites. There's being persistent and going after a job...and then there's being a pest!

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