Monday, January 12, 2009

HR Articles Galore...

Catching you up on the world of HR...
Three out of five employers say that layoffs are likely in 2009 according to SmartPros: click here
Staying with SmartPros, word that anticipating a tough 2009, companies are remaining selective in planning workforce, pay and benefit cuts: click here
The Ledger says that even though you can't give an employee a raise, there are still some low-cost alternatives to say thank you: click here
The Arizona Daily Star has the ins and outs of exit interviews: click here
The bad economy is taking a toll on women's health, according to The Courier-Journal: click here
The CRO cites a survey that finds most companies do no appraise employee ethics: click here
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's jobs section says that industry associations are valuable assets: click here
Also from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the questions was posed to HR: What are some things job seekers can do to get their resume noticed by HR managers and recruiters? click here
From AsiaOne Business, a Q&A about a mid-career switch from marketing to Human Resource: click here
And lastly, a press release that says the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and JobTarget have released the first ever job board coupon book: click here
Enjoy! We'll have 10 more tomorrow!

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