Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How to Get a Good Job in a Bad Market...and other subjects

Associated Content starts us off with an article about how to get a good job in a bad market: click here
MSN Careers has 10 vital resume fixes: click here
TalentBar has recruiting bloopers and practical jokes: click here
The Boston Globe's Job Doc answers in a Q&A why no updates for a candidate after a job interview: click here
HR Lori explains what "Independent Contractor" really means: click here
Human Resource Blog has a Q&A about Virginia lunch/smoking breaks: click here
FeedAgg has and article (not very well-written, but interesting nonetheless) on the stages of alcoholism and how HR needs to respond: click here
Lastly, some news about updating an auto sector human resources study: click here
Much more to come...stay tuned here at the Astron blog...

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