Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy 10 Year Anniversary!

"Thank you for being an important part of our ASTRONomical growth in our first ten years." - Astron’s founders Michael Maciekowich and Jennifer C. Loftus

Congrats to Astron Solutions on it's 10th Anniversary! Let's hope there's many, many more to come. And check out our new logo on the right side of the screen. Pretty sweet!

Some links:

Microsoft resorted to their first layoffs, cutting 5,000 people--a sign of how bad the economy has gotten: click here

Gannett Newspaper employees are the latest to be asked to take a week of unpaid leave instead of facing layoffs...but when words like "scramble" and "uncertainty" are thrown around, it's never good news: click here

Lastly, Ask The Headhunter asks if you're pursuing the interview...or the job? click here

Off to celebrate with the rest of Astron. Congrats again! And after almost 20,000 people have visited the blog, thank you guys for making us so popular!


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