Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hyundai Assurance

While watching football this weekend, I saw a few commercials from Hyundai touting their new "Hyundai Assurance" (click here). In this new ad campaign, Hyundai goes after a consumer segment looking for an "out clause" in tough economic times. The ad tells buyers “we’re all in this together” and proceeds to give car buyers the security they need in a time of job uncertainty. This out clause allows the buyer to return the Hyundai if they lose their income within a year.

This seems to be a great idea for a large amount of Americans who are worried about buying a new car for fear they may lose their jobs. I wonder how successful the campaign will become, but judging from the amount of people I watched football with who seemed to respond positively to the ad, it could definitely work. It'll be also very interesting to see how many other companies copy this idea. Would a real estate company having a tough time selling condos try this? Or Best Buy selling you a new High Definition television? Interesting food for thought...

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