Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Generational Divide...and other articles

women for hire has an interesting article on Handling Generation Diversity: click here
The You Grow has some really interesting stats about "The Millennial" in this newsletter (click here)...especially the numbers. These include:

9: The number of jobs held by the average U.S. worker between ages 18 and 34 - Staffing Industry Analysts

16: The number of months before an average mid-twenties employee leaves their job. - Bureau of Labor Statistics

83,000: The number of people who quit their jobs each day in the U.S. - Bureau of Labor Statistics

Cheezhead has a great take on the Millennial Generation in an article titled "if given the chance, i'll tweet for you": click here

Both HR and Compliance will find "The Fraudies Awards" for employee fraud from george's employment blawg: click here
On those same lines, MSN Careers and Careerbuilder have some true and outrageous resume lies: click here
HR Web Cafe has the best and worst jobs (according to the Wall Street Journal): click here
The Recruiters Lounge has advice on how to make introductions in business and social settings: click here
Lastly, HR Observations has an article about paycheck fairness (which they've covered before and will try to cover again until it is fixed): click here

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