Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Morale Of Those Left Behind

Many times, while layoffs are occurring, people forget about the morale of the people still there. The Washington Post wrote about it today. But many people have looked over this. The truth is that I've heard from some people recently laid off in the finance industry describe it as being a "relief". When companies go through layoffs, workers have to look over their shoulders every day, wondering if they will be next. If they aren't let go, they are asked to take the responsibilities of those who have lost their jobs. And many employees are scared to approach Human Resources or their employers to ask for changes to anything--lest their employment status be the chance that occurs. If you're an HR professional, you have an obligation to cut costs and sometimes lay off people, but you also have an obligation to the people who still remain to make sure that they are happy.
About.com has advice on downsizing with dignity.
Workforce.com has an article about how to boost morale after layoffs.
Good advice to take.

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